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Aynoor, 34

Sam is one of the best coaches and people I know, I have trained with Sam for years. From the moment I walked into the studio he made me feel like I could achieve anything, I still remember trying to overthink the process and he said to me “don’t worry about anything, enjoy it and just come back tomorrow” it all started from there.

He helped me achieve a weight loss of over 60 pounds and not just once. Each time I have learned more about myself, about exercise, and about food.

Sam is no longer a coach he is now a friend and someone I would do anything in my power to help if I could because he has helped me, I could message him at midnight and say I’m about to eat this pizza and he would help me think if I actually need it.

Great guy and a great coach if you need help with weight loss, mobility, or just someone to talk to hit sam up. Great things to come from this man.

Sana, 36

I have known Sam for over 8 years & he has always been the most enthusiastic and positive coach I have ever come across. He has made me achieve my goals throughout the years and most recently I have reached the best shape I could ever be in, this is all thanks to him.

I highly recommend Sam not only because he is a great coach, but it’s also because he truly cares about your fitness, health, and diet. If you want to truly get into shape and eat well, then Sam will guide you in the right direction! Thank you, Sam.

Nisha, 34

After having 2 children I tried lots of different ways to lose weight with no success. Trying quick fixes and different diets with working out occasionally.

So when my sister-in-law asked if I wanted to join her In doing PT sessions I was ready 😂. I’m so glad she chose Sam, he is so friendly, professional, and really knows his stuff. The motivation and support from Sam were amazing. The workouts were hard but you definitely feel so much better after completing it for the day, and Sam is always there for any advice from exercising to food, even what to eat on a night out!

Sam has taught us so much in the last 3 months on how to stay healthy and fit and also how to change your mindset to get to your goal. Sam is an amazing PT and so passionate about what he does.

Jodie, 31

Sam is amazing at what he does! His knowledge is diverse in all things related to health, fitness & the body which is such an important attribute in a personal trainer. He surprises me every day with how much he knows!!

He is a superb trainer/coach/life person. He isn’t just a trainer, he is your coach in so many things in life, he is there constantly pushing you to your limit, he analyses and learns your body to the point where he knows what your limits are (there is no hiding) and he guides and advises you on all things relating to your health and fitness.

He understands that we all have lives and helps you keep on track no matter what life throws at you. I have never felt so good about myself since training with Sam. My confidence has grown, and my mind and body feel so much healthier and stronger. I’m getting closer and closer to my goal every week and I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with Sam by my side 

Naresh, 47

My wife and I have been training with Sam for over a year now; we both feel a complete transformation in our fitness levels where Sam has played a huge part along the journey.

Sam is very knowledgeable, and flexible to meet your needs, and to us, feels like an extended member of the family.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone considering personal training or being coached.

Jas, 36

I decided to book a PT for the first time this year, given that I had my second baby in April and covid-19 meant gyms were shut this seemed like the best option.

I had to do my research a little before deciding on who to book in July and I am so so happy I decided to go with Sam. He made me feel completely comfortable and gradually increased intensity each week based on how I felt and progressed. He always checks in after sessions, ensures we are following advice on healthy meal options, and has the best personality which is a bonus! I would never have thought I would laugh so much during my workout sessions haha (don’t get me wrong I did want to cry on some sessions too! But it was all worth it)

To summarise he’s amazing, so personable, motivating, and knowledgeable and the 3 months flew by, as we are now coming up to winter months we decided to stop workouts outside but I will definitely be hitting the studio soon. Thanks for everything Sam I feel so much more confident in my own body again and have finally got back into my size 8 jeans 😄 woohoo!

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Vinayaka, 41

I have known Sam for close to a year now. I was new to personal training and was very skeptical about how all this would work.

I suffered from frequent neck and shoulder aches. I am so glad that a friend of ours recommended him to us. A very sorted and resolved coach who works to suit your individual goals, pace, and style.

He truly cares about overall well-being – be it exercise, diet, stress, or sleep. I have truly grown stronger, healthier, and most importantly pain free( neck ache has reduced !) over this year. Can’t thank him enough for this. He is a family favorite too!

Sundeep, 40

What can I say, I have trained with Sam since 2017 and he has a phenomenal about of knowledge.

I trained with Sam during my pregnancy and the knowledge he held about training during pregnancy was mind-blowing. Safe to safe that after a C-section I was back with a bang at 12 weeks and even his post-surgery knowledge was amazing.

Training with Sam was one of the best decisions I made and money was well spent on fitness and stress release.

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