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Take these as chapters from a book I’ve never written on how to get in shape and stay there, no matter how busy your life gets.

Brutal Landmine Lower Body Finisher

You've probably done some sort of complex for the upper body, or a giant set with a previous trainer but here's a new spin on a complex you've probably never seen before. It starts with the exercise requiring the heaviest weight, before moving to the lightest load on...

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What to eat to get lean, strong & toned

The first question I inevitably get when chatting with clients, or at randomers at a bar when I tell them what I do is…

‘What do I eat then?’

Whilst it means well, it opens up a can of worms and the so-called client/stranger clinging to every word that I’m about to say.

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Progressing Your Home Workouts

How can you build strength whilst working out at home with weights that are lighter than what you usually use in the gym? Look no further than these 6 variations that will have you trembling with even the lightest of weights.

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Why MyFitnesspal Isn’t Working For You

Learning to track your intake isn’t a forever fix, but it is one you should seriously consider if you’re at a crossroads with your fat loss. Making small and subtle changes as outlined above will have you winning your war with myfitnesspal and that increasingly annoying stubborn fat that you haven’t been able to shift.

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Planning Your Annual Fitness Goals

The Annual Planning Guide Today at a Glance: My Annual Planning Guide includes (1) a simple goal-setting framework, (2) two system-building mental models, and (3) a strategy for tracking and adjusting throughout the year. This annual planning process has been an...

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6 Leaderships Lessons From Southgate

As gutted as I am this morning, and I am, I can’t help to be proud of what the England team has managed over the last month. You could say it’s just football, but England and Southgate have stood up to racism and bigotry, went toe-to-toe with the world's best and came...

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