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A lot of questions come my way when people enquire about training with myself.

‘What do you do?’, ‘I don’t want to get bulky, will your training make me bulky?’. ‘Do you just do strength training?’, ‘I’m a beginner and new to strength training, will this be too hard for me?’.

I get it, the gym can be an intimidating environment, especially when you’re starting out and you’re unsure of what to do and whether you’re doing the right things.

Our sessions last anywhere between 30 mins and 60, with a main emphasis on getting stronger across all plains of motion and modalities.

Most of the time we’ll superset exercises between upper and lower body moves. This means we can get more done in less time and work on weak links as well. A superset is just when two exercises are paired together (but not rushed).

Here’s Rasika crushing a full-body workout which is also a staple of training together. I firmly believe full-body workouts give the biggest bang for your buck over typical gym bro splits of upper lower or leg days, chest days and back days. This cool new meta analysis backs it up too. This is great because so many people think bro splits are better than full-body workouts but this shows that’s not the case.

It also works for a lot of my busy clients who may miss a workout accidentally throughout the week. If all we do is upper one day, lower the next and they can’t make the second workout, we’d only have done upper body for the week. This just covers all bases.

Here we have 9 different exercises as Rasika was training on the Monday and we weren’t too sure whether we’d get another workout in.

  • A1/ Back Squats
  • A2/ Half Kneeling Windmill
  • 3 sets. Rest 90-120 seconds between
  • B1/ Lateral Lunge
  • B2/ Singe Arm TRX Pull Up
  • 3 sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between
  • C1/ Romanian Deadlift
  • C2/ TRX Tricep Extensions
  • C3/ Copenhagen Side Plank
  • 2-3 sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between
  • D1/ Walking Lunge Complex
  • 2 sets. 90 seconds rest

As you can see, we’ve hit the big barbell lifts in back squats and Romanian deadlifts, spaced apart to ensure there’s a bit of break on the spinal load.

With back squats and anything that’s pretty demanding, we’ll always pair that with a mobility drill or something which isn’t so intense.

Of course, the exercises vary, but we’ll try and hit all movements within each session to ensure we’re building strength across the board.