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  1. No alcohol. Especially in Summer, or leading up to a holiday I don’t drink it, and worst case, maybe 1 unit every 2-3 weeks. Alcohol is the worst and eliminating it will generally go a long way for a lot of people leading up to summer.
  2. Limit carbs to 1 meal a day. Always after a workout as well. And it’s not a small portion either. The rest of the time it’s meats, salads, veggies. A snack might be a protein shake, greek yoghurt or cottage cheese.
  3. Get 12500+ steps in. Every day I’ll get a lot of steps in. Some are around 15000+, weekends usually 27000+. I’m always on my feet anyways with my work but I’ll do things like park far away from the studio and walk to the gym, go for walks in between sessions and spend the weekends walking most places.
  4. Get one more workout in per week. I’ll go from 3x a week to 4x a week. And that one is usually a little less functional and more bodybuilding style. Gotta get my arms pumped for holiday 🤣
  5. Aim for an extra hour in bed every night. I’m usually lights off at 10:30pm, but depending on how late my sessions are, it’ll be 9:30pm or so. I’ve started leaving my phone in another room which has drastically improved my quality of sleep.
  6. I’ll home-cook all my foods. I won’t buy anything that is prepared or processed. So I’ll stick to things that I make myself. This is quite underrated. It means I know what I’m eating and everything is lean, good quality and portion controlled. Also means I save myself a lot of money haha, but also a lot of calories from things like flapjacks, protein bars or baguettes.