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Learn how to get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.

Take control of your health and fitness and finally achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of.

All without spending your hard-earned money on shameful supplements, pounding hours away on the treadmill each day, or giving up all your favourite foods…

Damn, it’s taken a while but you’ve finally landed on this page.

But hey, don’t worry, it doesn’t bite.

Perhaps you’ve found this page through a friend, or have downloaded one of my ebooks and thought ‘I really should start taking care of myself and this Sam looks like the kind of coach who should be helping me get fit’.

But let’s face it, we’ve been here before, haven’t we?

Tossing and turning about starting a program and in your head, you’re unsure if you’re ready yet…

You know, it’s been a few years since you’ve last done something so what’s the harm in waiting a couple of more months, right?

I totally get where you’re coming from, and my clients and I have been in your situation in the past.

But to not overwhelm you, why don’t I break it down a little, and then at the end, we can take it from there?


Before we get started, why don’t you take a look at my clients, and see their successes?

And when you’ve done that, come back here and imagine yourself having achieved your own personal fitness goal.



How does it work then?

With all the conflicting information out there, obstacles, and advice leaving your head in a spin it’s no wonder you’re frustrated, anxious, and lacking results.

When we work together I eliminate all of that, so you don’t have to waste more time trying things that don’t work for you.

I fast-track your results.

And when we work together, you don’t just get access to me, but:

A tailored and specific nutrition plan with around-the-clock accountability

I give you a very simple and easy-to-implement plan, detailing the amount of calories you should be eating per day.

On top of this, I’ll work it around your very own dietary preferences and distastes. Meaning if you enjoy a low-carb, vegan, paleo, or whatever-I-can-find type of diet, I can handle it.

You end up not needing to worry if you’re eating the right amount, or fretting if you’re about to head to a restaurant with your family.

The plan I provide gives you the tools to express your dietary desires and fits to your lifestyle.

Custom training plans and around-the-clock accountability

You’ll never train the same as someone else. Bootcamps may make you do that, but I won’t. Even if your schedule allows for 10 mins before work, we’ll work with it.

Even if you have injuries or a lack of experience it’s cool, I’ll work around it to provide you with something that fits your goals and is above all, manageable.

This ensures you’re consistent and do exercise you actually enjoy and can see a huge benefit from whilst being 100% safe.

With every workout, it’s linked to my exercise library meaning you’ll know exactly how to perform each specific movement, even if you’ve never heard of it and know why it’s beneficial at the same time.

Click the name, up pops the exercise, and off you go doing it. Efficient and effective.

Ongoing Education and guidance

I’m not a fan of just getting you to follow a plan and hoping it works. I want you to know why you’re doing it, so in the future, you have the tools and knowledge at your disposal to maintain your fitness forever.

That means when you’re 84 and everyone else is complaining of cranky knees and unstable feet, you’ll be able to hold your grandson’s hands, safe and steady on your feet and confident knowing you have your health covered.

This education is drip-fed over time, ensuring you don’t become a rabbit in the headlights and become overwhelmed. It’s not worked in the past, and it won’t work now.

You also get your hands on my nutrition guides and others that you can keep locked away in your phone if ever you need reassurance on what you’re eating and if you’re doing the right thing.

Client-Only Support & Bonuses

When you start anything new it’s important you feel supported and guided, that’s why I’ve created my client-only guides that help you get through the most challenging obstacles.

They tackle your most pressing concerns, meaning you’ll know what to do when you feel a little demotivated or unsure.

Not only do you get daily support and motivation from me, but from the wider community that has had the same issues and have been able to break through them.

You’re not alone.

Along with the constant support, these are some of the guides I’ve created.

Alright, this sounds good…But what results will I get?

This is where most online trainers will sell you the world. 

Tell you that you’ll lose 20lbs in 3 weeks and it will be a magical ride together, with no hiccups. 

If you think this is some sort of get fit quick sort of scheme, it isn’t. 

Neither is it some military bootcamp where I shout and holla at you every day to get up and do something.

You need some of that motivation yourself. 

Because no amount of coaching, no matter how thorough can get you to change your habits if you’re not willing to put some effort in yourself. 

“You can take the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” 

But you can make him as thirsty as possible kinda thing…

Coaching is teamwork. It’s communicating and working together to get from A to B. 

And sometimes that’s bumpy and sometimes our own head will get in the way and try and mess our results up. 

It’s not always going to be perfect. Some days you’ll feel like it’s not worth it, that this whole fitness malarky isn’t for you – and that’s totally ok. We’ve all been there.

But with me, you get to ride it out whilst still continuing to improve your health and habits. 

Hard work, Consistency, and Perseverance are key. 

By going at it together, tackling your fitness, mindset, and health you’ll be able to take huge strides forward so you too can look good naked, have healthier habits, and enjoy a better quality of life. 

So if you’re not that serious about improving your life, advancing your health, and looking great naked, whilst enjoying the process, please don’t apply.

But if you do, and are now serious about achieving all of that, and more?

Then step right up. 

Before you do that though, I have some guidelines on who I work with...

  • Newbies to intermediate experience of lifting weights. If you’ve never picked up a barbell, that’s cool. If you don’t know what a TRX is? Fine. We can build that base and confidence together. But if you’re an experienced pro who wants to improve their squat, deadlift, and bench? Then look elsewhere.
  • Men and women between 30-60
  • Looking to lose weight, and build muscle but not bulk up…I’m not your coach who makes you pack on loads of muscle, but I am your coach who slims you down, changes your eating habits, and reduces those aches and pains.
  • Must be willing to track certain markers daily, like steps and calories in order to change your understanding of portion control and lifestyle. This isn’t a forever relationship, but a must at the start.

If this is right up your street and you think I’m talking to you? Then apply below.

After you apply, this will happen.

  1. You fill in the application to the best of your ability
  2. I’ll then go away, have a look over it, and be in touch with yourself within 24 hours with the best program for your needs.
  3. You then decide on that program and let me know.
  4. You then pay and get yourself set up.
  5. And then I’ll email you the plan with all the relevant information a day later. 
  6. And we then embark on our journey together.