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Coaching That Gets You Fit, Lean & Strong. Guaranteed.

And I have my own private studio, nestled in the heart of Northwood High Street where I transform the lives of out-of-shape parents who want to be able to spend quality time with their kids without the aches and pains. I make exercising and dieting simple and easy to understand.

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    Training that doesn't suck


    Anyone can yell at you and get you to do endless burpees until you puke and are sooo sore the next day you almost cancel your plans, but what’s the point?

    There has to be a method in pace, with progressively built programs that edge you toward your goals.


    Well, as fun as hard training can be. Over the years I’ve built a system on simple, proven principles.

    But as much as I stick to them, the methods are constantly changing so you stay fresh, and don’t get bored and stuck in a rut.


    Safe doesn’t sound exciting, does it? But it’s actually very, very exciting. Results come from consistency and consistency comes from hard work over time.

    I’ve had my fair share of injuries that have led me to develop a system that delivers serious results without compromising your joints so you can become pain-free with a resilient physique.

    Hey, I'm Sam

    This is me on the right. A personal trainer and online coach based right here out of Northwood.

    I’ve been on an incredible journey over the last 13 years of coaching, transforming hundreds of lives with my first coaching business, uFit where we transformed lives through nutritional support and daily accountability

    A couple of years ago uFit was listed for the fitness business of the year, recognised for its sheer passion and determination to help our members achieve incredible results.

    Now I have my own private studio, nestled in the heart of Northwood High Street where I transform the lives of out-of-shape parents who want to be able to spend quality time with their kids without the aches and pains.

    I’ve also been lucky enough to consult on corporate health matters and provide many wellness workshops within London, along with training athletes, mums, dads, and the stressed-out CEO who’s looking for a better work/life/health balance. 

    I'm obviously biased. So see it from my clients first.

    A few reviews...

    Sam is an excellent trainer with in depth knowledge of health and fitness. He provides a tailored and realistic diet and exercise programme for long term change. I am so much stronger and healthier since I started training with Sam. He really cares about his clients and provides for support and motivation during the week when required. Sam is not just a personal trainer, he will help you to change your mindset to health and fitness ensuring you have the best tools for long term maintenance. I wholeheartedly recommend going to Sam if you want and need to change your body shape, approach to diet and your fitness.

    Anjali Sharma

    "In depth knowledge of health and fitness"

    Take a look at what my clients are saying online…

    Here's What We Can Do Together

    • Build incredible confidence in your own skin and be proud of what the mirror reflects.
    • Feel physically and mentally strong, capable of taking on any challenge without worrying your energy levels or body weight will get in the way.
    • Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.
    • Feel like food is their friend, not their enemy and never diet again.
    • Increase your mental resilience so little knockbacks on your diet matter less, if at all.
    • Learn how to stay consistent with your diet whilst enjoying the foods you love and seeing the waistline shrink
    • Bulletproof your body with tried and tested mobility and strength work that gets you strong and supple, but not bulky
    • And adopt important strategies for stress and sleep management.