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A quick and easy way of getting your food in order is to follow the 3, 2, 1 method.

It’s simple and easy to follow.

3 Breakfast ideas

2 Lunch ideas

1 Dinner idea

Why so many options?

So the 3 ideas for breakfast go as follows:

A – Normal routine (usually Mon – Fri)

B – Rushed for time (short notice meeting or emergency)

C – Relaxed for time (usually the weekend)

With each one, there’s different time constraints. Knowing your usual routine (A) is perhaps getting the kids dressed, feeding them then dropping them at school. You’ll likely have 10 minutes maximum to make some food to eat. Let’s say you’re meant to stay at home whilst the other half is dropping the kids to school but they have a last minute meeting pop up and now you have to take them. You’re rushed (B) and don’t have anytime. What can you make?

And of course, on the weekend there’s no work and you’re a little more relaxed (C), so you have more time to make some better quality food, and more time to eat.

Lunch is simple enough.

A – Normal Lunch

B – Rushed Lunch

Let’s say you work from home, or have the office you always eat from (A). You have a fridge and time to sit down and eat – at least half an hour. And then when you’ve gotta rush, or take lunch on the go, such as a walking meeting (B) you have to make do with eating something quick and easy.

Dinner speaks for itself. Dinner is one we’re always generally prepared for, and think of the most. We’ll generally be at home for dinner, so we don’t need to really prep it too much. As long as you follow the optimal meal plan template, you’re good to go.