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One of my clients is off on business to Australia and NZ over the next two weeks. She’s a highly decorated RAF personnel.

One of the issues, besides getting over jet lag is the limited time she has to train, around 30 mins per day – 5:30am to 6.

It’s a horrible time to train at the best of times, let alone jet lag creeping its way in and trying to throw you off course. Couple that with menopause, and a decrease in strength (due to time of training and the late-night traveling), here’s what I suggested:

When looking to get strong, several things must happen. And when you only have 30 minutes, you have to dial in your workouts a little more.

We know that to get strong we must have:

  • Mechanical tension
  • Muscle Damage
  • Metabolic Stress

Programmed within our workouts, and for this particular workout we’ll focus on the muscle damage part of it by doing 2 things over the phase of the training plan

  • Aim to get more sets in per 12-minute block
  • Aim to increase the reps by 2 for each set within the 12 minutes.

Maybe in workout 1, I complete 4 rounds of Density Set A, and the next time I do it, I’ll aim to get 5 rounds. Simple stuff but it works. Once I’ve done that, I’ll then bump up my reps from 6 TRX Rows to 8 and still aim to get the same amount of sets in.

If you look at it in terms of volume, I’ve gone from doing 24 reps the first time, to 40 reps if I can manage the 8 reps for 5 sets.

Can you see how much more volume I’m doing just by doing a little more each time?

Density Set A

6 x TRX Rows

8x Reverse Lunges/leg

Set a timer for 12 minutes and aim to get as many sets in as you can in that time.For the reverse lunges, if you don’t have dumbbells, wear a rucksack and stuff it with books. It’ll make it harder. You can keep it on for the rows. Just tighten it

Density Set B

6 x Hand Release Press Ups

8x TRX Hamstring Curls

12x TRX Y Raise

Set a timer for 12 minutes and aim to get as many sets in as you can in that time.For the hand-release press-ups, lower yourself as slowly as you can until you’re flat on the floor. Then aim to push your body hard off the floor to return to the start. The TRX uses the same length for the following two exercises.

Density Set C

Core Crusher

I’ve set up the last part for a bit of fun. There are 3 exercises, 4 mins on the clock. Get as many rounds in as you can whilst your abs are burning!!

She took a TRX with her, it’s one of the best bits of equipment actually when you compare what you can do with it against the space it saves and the difficulty levels it reaches.

She’ll hopefully be training every other day so I’ve created three of these style workouts for her to keep her entertained.

I know she’ll crush it.

Give it a go and let me know what you think,