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Why Would You Log Your Workouts?

How to Log Your Workouts

  • Order — The order of the exercises. Letters and numbers together mean it’s a superset. (two exercises back to back like the demo below)
  • Exercise — Do I need to explain?
  • Reps — The number of times you lifted the weight in the set
  • Weight Used — The weight used, obviously.
  • Sets done — The number of times you’ll complete the reps prescribed. This helps you keep score of where you are.

  • Volume — In this example, it’s (12 x 18, 11 x 18, 11 x 18) = 612.
  • Intensity — So this was 90% of this person’s maximum weight they can lift with that weight.

  • Tempo — refers to the speed of the movement in seconds. If we take the dumbbell shoulder press as an example which shows 4-1-2-1 that means the following: