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What is myfitnesspal?

  • To show them they’re eating too much or too little
  • Give them a better understanding of portion size
  • It controls their food intake
  • And makes them more self-aware of the amount they’re eating.

So where do people go wrong?

Excuse #1 – You seriously underreport

  • One bag of Haribo Starmix
  • One handful of Honey Roasted Peanuts
  • One medium-sized Big Mac meal from Maccy D’s
  • And a Snickers bar

Excuse #2 – You only track the good stuff

Excuse #3 – It’s too fuckin hard

Excuse #4 – Picking the wrong goddamn item

Excuse #5 – But I eat out a lot

Excuse #6 – Entering the wrong portion size

Now you know where you’re going wrong, let’s see if you should be using it?

Setting up Myfitnesspal for success

Down and Dirty Tracking tips & ideas

And there you have it.